SCCIPA makes national headlines over commercial ACO with Anthem Blue Cross

Northern California ACO to be a Model for National Efforts

Northern California has its first formal ACO – the result of a partnership between Anthem Blue Cross and the Individual Practice Association Medical Group of Santa Clara County (SCCIPA). It is an important milestone that has wide-ranging benefits for patients and providers in the region.

Nationally, for those eager to dive into a coordinated and patient-centered model of care delivery, this commercial ACO may serve as an adaptable blueprint for the US healthcare industry.

Launching in the fourth quarter of 2011, the ACO is an exciting culmination of hard work and “lessons learned” from both Anthem and SCCIPA. Initially, approximately 25,000 of Anthem’s PPO members will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of coordination and collaboration between provider, payer, and patient -- all facilitated by a highly interactive HIT platform designed for exactly this purpose....

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